You can make a difference. Brick by Brick can be an agent of change if we have your support.  Here is what your investment can mean for rural communities in Uganda. 

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 For $5000: You build a new classroom that provides a safe and secure environment for children to learn.

 For $2500: You build a new energy efficient kitchen at a primary school that uses 50% less firewood and feeds more children. Currently 80% of students do not eat lunch.

 For $1000: You save the lives of mothers and babies by providing essential medical equipment to train physicians and midwives

 For $250: You wire a school of 500 students for electricity.

 For $100: You produce 500 bricks to build new schools using environmentally friendly technology that saves trees and wetlands in Uganda.

 Any amount you give: will make a difference for the communities we serve (enter amount after clicking “Donate”)
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