Our mission is to create partnerships that improve education, health and economic opportunity in Uganda.

Brick by Brick envisions a world where quality healthcare, education, and economic opportunity are available to all. We empower women and their families to build healthy communities by supporting maternal, newborn, and child health care (MNCH), sexual and reproductive health education, and quality primary education. Brick by Brick operates four major programs: Babies and Mother’s Alive, My Pads, the School Program, and Brick by Brick Construction.



Mutual Respect Across Cultures: To work effectively across different cultures, we are committed to becoming culturally intelligent. We have an international staff and we always seek to learn from each other and to work effectively across cultures.

Partnership: All of our work is rooted in full partnership with the communities we serve. We also seek to build working relationships with local and national government agencies, as well as other non-government organizations that share our mission. For our model to be successful we must build relationships based on trust and integrity.

Social Justice: Access to a quality education, health care, and clean and safe water and sanitation systems are human rights. We believe they are also core elements of sustainable economic development. Our work is motivated by our commitment to social justice.

Sustainability: In creating strong partnerships with local communities and local governments, we are dedicated to building their capacity to support themselves, sustain their programs, and break the cycle of poverty.

Integrity and Accountability: We insist on honesty and full transparency in all of our work. We strive to learn from our failures as well as our successes. Only when we are completely open about our mistakes can we fully learn from them and move forward.

Economic Opportunity: We believe that through social enterprise, we can create economic opportunity, investing in the local economy with a commitment to the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.