Every year millions of women deliver their babies in the dark. Imagine you are a woman in labor in the Rakai District of Uganda. You have managed to gather the resources needed to pay for your transport from your village to a health center with a skilled birth attendant trained by the Babies and Mothers Alive (BAMA) Program. You and your husband then travel the many miles on almost impassable dirt roads and finally reach the local health center late at night. Most of the 24 health centers where we work lack electricity, therefore women must deliver in the dark. This results in compromised maternal and newborn care.

Brick by Brick is partnering with We Care Solar, an innovative non-profit organization that provides health facilities in areas without reliable electricity with highly efficient solar energy systems to power medical lighting, mobile communication and essential medical devices. Together we hope to light every birth for the half million people we serve. Watch this video to see what it's like to give birth in the dark. Click DONATE to help us LIGHT EVERY BIRTH!