Commitment to Excellence: Completion of PEAS Partnership Project

We have finished our pilot tank project with British NGO: PEAS: Promoting Equality in African Schools.  They contracted us to build one 30,000 L tank for the Ndeija School they funded near Rukungiri.  We have learned a lot from this project due to some unforeseen difficulties.  Due to poor quality, thicker soil during the construction process, our tanks had some small leakages for the first couple weeks after construction.  This was the first time in our short but busy history that a tank suffered any problems similar to this upon completion.  

Our commitment to excellence ensured that we followed up consistently with our stakeholders in this project: the construction manager of PEAS as well as Comrade, the director of the Ndeija school.  We sent a crew of masons to plug and repair the leaks and worked closely with Comrade to alleviate any concerns about the tank that still remained.  The experience was invaluable in proving our positive partnerships with clients and consistent efforts to provide the quality of work that has grown to be expected of us throughout Uganda.

(Our Masons working hand in hand with Comrade, the Director of Ndeija School)