One of Brick by Brick Uganda’s school policies is for students to have a protected, safe, and secure environment. In order to meet this requirement, Brick by Brick carries out various activities in the schools, one of which is the installation of lightning rods. The 1st installation of a lightning rod has been done at Lwamaya Primary School where Brick by Brick previously constructed multiple classroom blocks and a rainwater tank. The aim of the lightning rod is to reduce the possibility that a lightning strike will harm students or damage property.  During the rainy season in this area, it is common to hear of one or more people being hurt by lightning at least once a week, and it is especially common in schools with no electricity. The staff and students of the school were very happy and grateful for the assistance offered to them, and Brick by Brick plans to install lightning protection systems in all of its partner schools.

Preparing to fix the lightening arrester


Fixing the wire for the lighteing arrester

Fixing the lightening arrester

Digging pit for the earth rod