Brick by Brick construction company has finished the construction of a pilot Eco-san toilet at Uganda Muslim East African (UMEA) Primary school. Teachers and students are eager to learn how to use it. As a pilot project a small group of older students will be trained and will use the facility, so that it does not fill too quickly. It is made in such a way that the liquids and solids cannot get mixed up. Immediately after defecating ash is poured into the solids chamber to prevent the smell and to make it dry quickly. This mixture can be used as manure after a period of six months. Removing this manure is simple because the pit depth is only 3 feet, as you see in the photos. This is the first Eco-san toilet that has been constructed in the area.

Masons fixing the pipes for urine and water
Masons fixing the pipes for urine and water


Inside of the toilet

the back of the toilet showing two doors where waste can be removed when it has turned into manure

side view of the toilet showing the fixed pipes for urine and water