It is interesting to see that the use of INTERLOCKING STABILIZED SOIL BRICKS (ISSBs) has gained some popularity, because of being environmentally friendly and still being economical.

Marianne Martin, a Peace Corps Volunteer, and 'Foundation for Youth Development' (FYDe), a Community-Based Organization in Rubirizi District, secured a grant from the US Peace Corps to train a local youth group in ISSB-making and rain water tank construction.  They called upon Brick by Brick Construction, which has over two years of experience using ISSB technology, to conduct the training.  Brick by Brick's masons worked with the youth to construct two 10,000 liter water tanks at primary schools in Kichwamba Sub-County using a curved ISSB press purchased with funds from the Peace Corps grant.  This press, along with a press for straight ISSBs, will stay with the youth group so they can continue their work.

Peace corps Marianne Martin watching youths learnng how to construct the rain water tank

Members of FYDe collecting water for the water tank construction

Members of FYDe collecting water for the water tank construction

The coordinator Brick by Brick Uganda monitoring the constructed water tank

Marianne Martin Peace crps volunteer looking at the constructed water tank
Marianne Martin, Peace Corps Volunteer, looking at the finished water tank