In Matale St. Andrews Primary School, two fuel-efficient rocket stoves were constructed by Brick by Brick Uganda. The school community of St. Andrews Matale Primary School was very excited to see their firewood-saving stoves working very well. These firewood-saving stoves have the following qualities:

1. Produces no smoke, so the kitchen is free from smoke.

2. Triples the cooking speed, i.e. instead of taking 30 minutes to prepare food on an ordinary stove, this one takes only 10 minutes.

3. Reduces the amount of firewood needed by 50%.

The teachers were very grateful to their sister school Hannah Senesh for the funding. The students were also excited and started replicating the stoves, as you will see in the photos. And they were calling themselves ‘Brick by Brick’ because they were able to make their toy stoves.

Student replicating the firewood saving stove
Student replicating the firewood saving stove

Toy firewood saving stoves for the Students around the big stove