My Pad Project Launched

Smiling GirlWritten by Susan Kyambadde, Staff Midwife at Kalisizo Hospital and Member of Brick by Brick Staff

On July 12th, Brick by Brick Uganda hosted a training for all of the teachers that will be involved in the My Pad Project. This new program is intended to teach students about their reproductive health, while providing young women the opportunity to make their own re-useable menstrual pads. We trained a total of twelve teachers - eight Senior Women teachers and four Senior Male teachers from Kirumba Primary School, Matale Hill Primary School, St. Andrews Secondary School, and UMEA Kalisizo Primary School. Each teacher was taught life skills, the menstrual cycle, and how to make a reusable menstrual pad. By the end of the day all of the teachers managed to make a sample of the reusable menstrual pad, even the male teachers! The male teachers embraced the training components just as much as the female teachers did, suggesting this project has real potential.

Overall, the training was a success. All of the teachers expressed great interest in the project. Additionally, the teachers expressed their appreciation towards Brick by Brick Uganda for implementing a project that would educate all of their students and would provide a sustainable solution to help their female students manage their monthly menstruation.