Meeting with Our Masons

Brick by Brick Executive Director Marc Sklar with our team of skilled masons Brick by Brick Executive Director Marc Sklar traveled to Uganda in June to meet with our staff and monitor progress on our many projects. A highlight of the visit was a lively exchange of ideas between Marc, Program Coordinator Max Ssenyonga and our team of skilled masons. Brick by Brick Construction is a for-profit company utilizing environmentally-friendly technology in the building of rainwater harvesting tanks, sanitation systems, and small-scale buildings. All of the profits are re-invested in our community-based projects.

A huge part of our success is the dedication of our team of masons. Traveling throughout Uganda they work hard to realize quality construction for all of our clients. After acknowledging their hard work, there was a lively exchange of ideas on how we can improve our company. Many of the ideas focused on worker health and safety, which has always been a priority. Since its founding in 2011, Brick by Brick Construction has had a goal, to build a healthy learning environment for Uganda's children, while providing jobs at a fair wage for our employees. We value the input of our masons and for the past two years we have been able to show our appreciation through our profit sharing plan. We look forward to growing our company together in the coming year.