A New Firewood-Saving Stove in St. Andrews Matale Primary School

The School Administration, the parents, the teachers, the students, and the cooks are all rejoicing after the construction of a new firewood saving stove known as a "rocket stove". This stove doesn't only save firewood but also time for food preparation. Better still, there is no smoke in the kitchen. So everyone is very grateful to the sister school, Hannah Senesh of US, who sponsored the construction. The construction has been done by Brick by Brick Construction's masons, who have experience in making rainwater harvesting tanks and other structures, and now they have acquired new skills in Rocket Stove construction.

Long live Hannah Senesh. Long live St. Andrews Matale Primary School.

St. Andrews' cook, Maria Nakalema, preparing maize porridge

The maize porridge is ready for the students