Construction Complete at Kalisizo UMEA Primary School

With the installation of a rainwater catchment system consisting of one 10,000 L tank, one 20,000 L tank, and guttering at UMEA Primary School, Brick by Brick Construction significantly improved the school’s year-round access to clean, readily available water.  Previously, one onsite rainwater tank met about 15% to 30% of the school's annual water needs, depending on the specific rainfall and usage patterns in a given year.  After Brick by Brick Construction installed the rainwater catchment system, 85% to 100% of the school’s annual water needs were met. Students no longer have to miss class to walk an hour to fetch water from an open water source 4 km away from the school. In addition to providing an adequate supply of drinking water, this easily accessible water source contributes to improved hygiene and health practices within the school community. The school children now have a reliable source of water to wash their hands before going to pray at the mosque. The school community at UMEA would like to thank their sister school Kennedy-King Elementary School and Brick by Brick Partners for the contribution that made this project possible. Neyanziza!  

With the 20,000 L Rainwater Harvesting Tank at UMEA