Sarah Jjuuko’s Community Health Center – Jjajja Bbanga

Brick by Brick Construction recently completed the construction of twin rainwater-harvesting tanks at Sarah Jjuuko’s Health Center Jjajja Bbanga (two tanks on opposite sides of the health center). This health center, located in Ngoma Village, Rakai District, provides pregnant women from the village a safe and sanitary place to deliver their children. Before the construction of these tanks, the health clinic workers had to fetch water from a nearby pond and water shortages were common. The twin rainwater-harvesting tanks are each 25,000 L and will provide the health clinic a readily accessible source of clean water. Better Start - a Dutch organization working in Uganda, funded this project. By constructing rainwater-harvesting tanks with ISSB technology instead of buying plastic tanks of similar size, Better Start saved approximately 15 million UGX ($6,122).