Renovation at Kirumba Primary School

By: Max Ssenyonga, Program Coordinator Brick by Brick Uganda The masons of Brick by Brick Construction are renovating a three classroom block at Kirumba St. Lukes Primary School. Brick by Brick Construction has a dedicated team of skilled masons that are working on this project. Sande Salongo Kimera, Charles Kabagabo and John Sebyoto are directing our efforts, with the help of two porters Jude and Jjunju.

The renovation of this classroom block was desperately needed. Before the renovation started, the classrooms were in poor shape and as a result were not in use. With this renovation, there will be concrete floors, which will prevent children from getting harmed by jiggers (small insects that burrow in the skin). Jiggers are very common in the village and cause pain, fever, and even death. The students, teachers and parents will benefit from this renovation because the children will be free from jiggers and dust, which has been making them unhealthy and dirty.

This project is very important to me because many years ago, as a child, I studied at this primary school. Before Brick by Brick partnered with my school, the learning environment was much worse. Our school had gates without doors, floors were not cemented and we smeared cow dung on the floors to eliminate the dust. There was nothing we could do to prevent the jiggers.

The Kirumba Primary School community is very grateful for the work done by Brick by Brick and for the contributions made by our sister school in the US, Ryan Intermediate School. Thank you for your assistance and your commitment to helping the village communities of Uganda. Mwebale Nyo! (Thank you very much!)